Move over Richard Branson RED BULL just revolutionized Free Pub

Who is Dietrich Mateschitz?

This is a question fewer and fewer people will have to ask in the near future.

I guarantee you one thing.  Richard Branson knows exactly who he is because he is moving in on what used to be Richard’s exclusive turf, free publicity.


“Someone pulled off an unbelievable stunt setting a all time world record.”  This used to be what you would hear from VIRGIN’s Richard Branson.  He used to be the only one pulling off these types of feats.

If he wasn’t sailing across the Atlantic he was trying to circumnavigate the planet in a hot Air Balloon.  Meanwhile his competitors sat in their posh mansions and hoped their marketing campaigns worked out.

People would always ask him why he would try such amazing stunts, was it to raise awareness for charity or a cause? The answer was always the same, it’s just good for BUSINESS.

Richard Branson has been thriving for years crushing his competition because he focuses his energy on one thing.  FREE PUBLICITY.

Every one of those stunts gets an unbelievable amount of media coverage as every single talker on the T.V. mentions it, the print writers write about it, and the late night show comedians crack jokes about it.

However, starting right about NOW people will start referring to RED BULL as the pinnacle of Free Publicity.

Dietrich Mateschitz always was the marketing genius behind the RED BULL partnership powerhouse.  I think it’s interesting that now it appears RED BULL really does have wings.

These stunts Red Bull sponsors are extremely risky and dangerous but with careful planning RED BULL has proven that it can pull them off routinely and pocket the difference.  Remember it’s all about risk and reward.

  • How Red Bull Started out the year.  Levi LaVallee and Robbie Maddison soar over 300 feet of water, as both establish new world records for distance jumping on a snowmobile and motorcycle.  2012 New Years Day.
  • Fall time Red Bull style.  Team Red Bull Stratos and Felix Baumgartner break the world record for free fall speed. 833.9 miles per hour. The speed of sound is 761.207 miles per hour.
  • 2010:   Paul Steiner jumps from one Air Plane to another with no safety harness.

PROFIT?  Well, I’ll let you calculate how much money Red Bull will make from this type of publicity but consider this about their latest stunt:

  • Over 8 million views on Youtube.  Setting another record for most concurrent streaming online views.
  • Over 2 million Google searches for Felix Baumgartner.  This means people are thirsty for more information about this and they can’t find it without also finding references to Red Bull.
  • Several hashtags related to the event have became trending topics on Social Media.  This means this record is on peoples minds.  This is like marketing sinking its branding hooks into customers memories. Now people will begin to associate greatness with, you got it, Red Bull.
The truth is these publicity super stunts work and right now Red Bull is the best in the business at it. It’s similar to how waaaay back in the day the Popeye cartoons used to feature spinach.  Now instead of animated feats the action is real and the product is sugary sweet and packed with caffeine a change consumers can taste and feel.  What do you think the chances will be this week?  Will more people choose Red Bull over the next energy drink on the shelf?




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