man·age·ment [man-ij-muhnt]

1.the act or manner of managing; handling, direction, or control.

2.skill in managing; executive ability: great management and tact.

3.the person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution, etc.: The store is under new management.


Valuable assets like talent will meet their potential when managed properly.

I can help your business or organization go to the next level by solving problems with common sense solutions.


Here are 8 activities your online business needs to take every week:

  1. REVIEW the previous week’s results for opportunities to improve based on analysis of the 7 Key Performance Indicators from Google Analytics.
  2. Create  new content on your primary website that answers questions, solves problems, and improves your performance from step #1.
  3. Publish guest posts on other established blogs that promote your primary website.
  4. Post comments on popular blogs to communicate and promote your newly published content.
  5. Share your latest posts through all the primary and secondary social media networks like GooglePlus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and more.
  6. Interact with like minded people on social media to build real connections and relationships, answer questions, reply to comments, and post other interesting content that DOES NOT link to your site like funny meme pictures, etc.
  7. Create and schedule fresh new messages with useful information for your subscribers using an email marketing system.
  8. Publish new YouTube videos with the latest happenings in your business.  Feature new customer testimonials, show off your latest projects, pre-promote upcoming seasonal specials, and more.


The question remains who has time to do all of this stuff?

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